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Commercial and domestic solar hot water systems and solar electric experience installers. Environmentally friendly, sustainable sources of energy. Reduce your energy bills with a system to suit you.

Call us now and talk to us about the products and services we offer:

  • Solar Heater Installation
  • Swimming Pool Heating Installation
  • Electric Solar Panels - Photovoltaics
  • Commercial / Domestic Installation
  • MCS Approved Installer

Why Solar Energy?

What a better way to heat your water than from the sun?

The sun is free, it is constant and most importantly, it is clean energy. and, Whilst you relax in your bath, you can have a clear conscience about your carbon foot print.

Myth: This country does not have enough sunshine to warrant the use of Solar energy

FACT: On cloudy days Solar panels convert direst and diffused sunlight into energy.

  • Solar power is 100% pollution-free
  • Installations can operate for many years with little maintenance
  • Lower energy bills
  • Un-used energy can be sold back to the National Grid
  • Government incentives schemes available

If you have any further questions about HHP Solar or any of the services that we offer please do not hesitate to contact us on 01491 576359.